Friday, May 9, 2014

Let's Talk Pregnancy

The day I officially stopped nursing Matthias, I thought to myself, "This is the first time since I conceived Rachel (our oldest), that I haven't been pregnant or nursing..."

What I didn't realize was--I was pregnant.

So yeah, besides the first three months of our marriage, I've been pregnant and or nursing our entire 4.5 years of marriage--sometimes both, but never neither.

13 weeks

A few weeks ago, I was getting mentally "worked up" about birth control, and I couldn't figure out why: Why am I so passionate about not using birth control, and about pregnancy in general?!

And then it kinda hit me: my beliefs about birth control aren't just away-in-the-sky, random thoughts I have; they directly effect my life. Every. day. of. my. life.

Whether it's the sickness that hits me in the evenings, or the fact that I pull on compression stockings every morning, or how busy I am with the kids (who are 3, 2, and 1, by the way)...

or the look an old acquaintance of mine gave me the other day when I told her I was expecting #4. She literally didn't know what to say; she just kind of stared at me in shock.

Although this having-kids-thing isn't all of who I am, I can't get away from it, either. And the more children I have, the more my beliefs will become obvious. Because you can't hide children. ;)

Okay, all THAT out of the way...

I felt like chatting-up my pregnancies just a bit. You know, the best of times, the worst of times.

THE HARD PARTS: The first 3 1/2 months or so. My nausea is like a mountain: when I'm 6 weeks, I get mildly sick, and then as the pregnancy goes on, the sicker I get--until there's a PEAK around the 11-13 point. At this point, I'm throwing up multiple times a day (even while taking nausea medicine), and crying, and doing very little besides laying on the couch feeling miserable. But the good part is, this is the worst of it. (Ha! :D) After that point, the sickness starts very gradually disappearing until somewhere between 18-22 weeks (?), it completely goes away.

The varicose veins showed up when I was 6 months pregnant with Jemima, and then they started bothering me around the 13 week mark with both Matthias and Baby #4. I just had my first midwife appointment, and she gave me some helpful things to try, which I'm excited about.

THE GOOD PARTS: Ahh... hearing the heartbeat the first time. Best. sound. ever. And soo reassuring. Each time, I've had this overwhelming realization, "Ohh my goodness!! There's a real, live baby in there!!"

Feeling the baby move. Of course. It's SO sweet feeling those little butterfly kicks which start somewhere in the second trimester, which eventually turn into the occasional end-of-pregnancy, "OUCH! Baby, whatcha doin'??" But still... very awesome.

Picking a name. Though I'm clueless this time around as to a boy's name. You know those long lists of boys' names that I wrote up when I was still single? Yeah... those names just aren't cutting it anymore.

15 weeks--I think :)

And lastly, I should definitely mention my labor and deliveries. I think my pregnancies are difficult (at least at certain points), but thus far, my deliveries (all at home) have been relatively easy (as easy as a L&D can be, right?!) They were all fairly short--eight hours, three hours, six hours, and there were absolutely no complications.

16 weeks

All you mommies out there... what are/were the best and worst parts of your pregnancies?

And Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. All of my pregnancies, good and bad, have been so different but the first sound of that little heartbeat, yeah that melts me every time! I love all the pictures you have such an adorable baby bump!!!

  2. Congratulations on Baby #4! I've been blessed with relatively easy pregnancies and deliveries, too... not too much morning sickness, no complications... this past pregnancy (#3) was probably my most difficult, because I didn't take care of myself very well. I am resolved, next pregnancy, to not give up on eating well and exercising! You look gorgeous in your pictures -- so happy for you!
    It is hard not to be passionate about your beliefs when it affects all of your life, as you say! I understand. :)

  3. I left a comment, not sure if it went through... will see if I can remember what I typed. :)
    Congratulations on baby #4! You look gorgeous in all your pictures! All of my pregnancies have been relatively easy as well... morning sickness not too bad, no complications, etc. This latest (#3) was probably my hardest because I didn't take care of myself very well. I am resolved, next pregnancy, to not give up on eating well and working out!
    It is easy to be passionate about beliefs that truly affect all of your life, as you say. I understand. :)


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