Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Messy--Part 2

Now for more progress pictures. *long, happy, overwhelmed, feeling-kind-of-sick sigh*

Living room

Matthias' Room

Though right now, Jemima's actually sleeping in that owl bed. The room was originally white, as were most of the rooms in the house, actually (maybe all? my memory is failing me). Now it's a light brown.

Family room--with painted paneling!

Steps down to foyer--WITHOUT the carpet, WITH some awesome new flooring, and waiting on the rest of the railing...

Aand... the girls' room closet. The closets are all white and oh-so-lovely, and the walls are pink!

Thanks for following along on our moving adventure. :)


  1. So exciting! It's starting to look homey!

  2. It looks so much different from the first pictures you put up. I love the pink and white combo in the girls room!

  3. Your old house was great. Your new house looks amazing! I am so excited for you guys to live in this. It looks so nice, Tricia. Especially coming from the perspective of someone who didn't have to live through the work and upheaval of it all. ;-) Truly, I am very happy for you, friend.

  4. Just out of curiosity, is your new house still in the country? Or have you moved to town? I ask because the initial FIRST picture of the outside of the house you posted...looked a little rural :)

  5. Thanks, everyone!! CS, we're definitely in town now--and glad to be there. :) Life in general just because sooo much more convenient. ;)

  6. It should make you feel better to know your home improvement/remodel seems to be going much quicker than mine! lol To be fair, I'm working 9-4 all during the week and the hubby leaves the house at 4am to be at work by 5-4:30 then home at 5: 30 so we're on limited time and it's definitely a process but it does make you feel great to see that little bit of progress after the weekend!

    Your new home is looking amazing though! And yay for being in town, it does make things so much easier!

    1. Oh, wow, Cassie... That doesn't leave much time for house projects, does it? :-O

  7. looks great....Hope you are starting to feel better too. Can't wait to see more photos. Great work

  8. Oh boy, does all this ever sound familiar! It's going on four years for us since our remodel, but I still remember it vividly. And I only had two children, not four!! :) But yes - all the work, and the exhaustion - you are not joking about all that! In the end it will be so worth it though. I hope your settling in goes well! ♥

  9. Thanks, Clarita... It's nice when people can identify!! Your house looks gorgeous now, so all your time and effort was well worth it. :)


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