Monday, April 14, 2014

Feelin' Like a Mom of Four

You might remember me mentioning that after Matthias's birth, I felt like I went through a midlife crisis. Well, tonight, as I carefully applied a coat of bright pink nail polish to my fingernails, I wondered if I was going through yet another crisis of sorts.

After Matthias, I wanted to lose the baby weight, buy non-maternity clothes, grow my hair longer, and so on. It was kind of a "I've just been pregnant for 9 months; I'm ready for something different."

What I'm dealing with now is more like, I've been sick for 2 months, in the process of transitioning to wearing thick stockings every day... Oh, and I'm 27 and pregnant with Baby Number 4. I'd say it's a mix of wanting to still look young and fresh and energetic, even though I'm a mom AND I'm tired of bring sick.

Hence. More eyeliner, bright nail polish, more jewelry. It's all happening. All these things are fairly quick and effortless, too--as opposed to, for example, doing my hair--which requires 10-15 minutes.

Which means, most days, my hair has been in a messy bun.

Probably another reason why the other "changes" have seemed so necessary. ;)


  1. Just wanted to encourage you to hang in there! Pregnancy can be so challenging at times, but it's soooo worth it, too!!! Also, I agree, nothing wrong with a messy all!!!


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