Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blueberry Muffins and Expectations

When you take one mother, and add in a MOVE, plus three little kids (who definitely try to help when they can, but their abilities are limited), and then of course the never-ending piles of laundry (ESPecially because the kids are playing outside every day!), daily baths (playing in dirt = filthy children), counters full of dishes, house projects...

And spending enough quality time with one's husband, and ministering to the SOULS of one's children...and growing a baby all at the same time...

Basically, something's gotta give. Actually, a bunch of somethings.

Because... Super Woman/Mom doesn't exist.

Which is why, this afternoon, Rachel and I baked THESE.

Yes, they are blueberry muffins from a box, and YES, my single self would have been horrified. (I was the sort of girl who would spend three hours on one complicated honey yeast rolls recipe and not think much of it. Because they were SO WORTH IT.)

But, my single self was, indeed, single.

I can't describe how many times I've opened my Facebook, read another mom's status, and immediately felt discouraged. Seen her photos, or her latest creative endeavors, and gone, "Whaat? I can't do that!!" [Enter feelings of inadequacy.]

As I said before, there are no Super Moms in existence. Which means that, that particular mom is probably NOT doing things that you ARE doing. No one can do Everything.

I've come to the conclusion that each mother needs to have priorities for each season of her life. Where does she get those priorities?

Some of it she'll probably be able to figure out on her own--y'know, using common sense... such as, you can't just stop washing dirty laundry.

But when it comes to the more detailed aspects of a mom's daily life, I think it's very helpful to talk things over with your husband. My husband's very good about saying, "Don't worry about that...but I would really like THIS done."

And if he's not adverse to blueberry muffins from a box, then I say, go for it, thanking God for each busy [and good. and blessed. and different.] stage of life.


  1. This was a such a good read, Tricia. I love how honest you are. It's so true, looking at what other moms/ women are doing can be discouraging but everyone is using their time differently. PS... The progress photos of your new home are looking so good!

  2. This made me smile. Why do we feel so bad when we revert to a box?! We are loving and taking care of our family if it takes 10 minutes or 3 hours ;). Thanks for this reminder!

  3. Dude. I've never made from scratch blueberry muffins. And I've only got one kid. And I never made them before kids.

    You're good.

  4. Very well said, Mrs. Regar! Your priorities shift when you have all of those souls to care for! Priorities are everything since, as you said, you simply can't do it all.

  5. One of my very favorite treats that my mom would make for me and my two sisters when we were little was breakfast muffins - strawberry and blueberry. You buy them in a POUCH (nay, they don't even come in a box!) from the baking section of the grocery story. They were delicious, and to this day, this is what I buy for special occasions.

  6. Oh, thank you, everyone, for all the encouraging words. The kids have been so excited to have hot muffins out of the oven, filled with chocolate chips and blueberries (what we've tried so far). It's a lovely treat for all of us.


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